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200 lbs. -- Still 
01:26pm 04/03/2008
mood: Busy
Had a HUGE dinner last night and in all actuality, I should have eaten less ; However, I ate relatively healthy.  I also did not snack afterwards or have dessert, not even the 40 cal. fudge pops that are SO yummy. 

20 minutes on the stair stepper after you, my BRAZILLIANT s/o, thought to put it in front of the TV which was playing SVU. Byt the time I looked down i realized I was at 15 minutes and hadn't noticed much. Went to 20 before I called it quits. I also lifted weights the entire time. 30 crunches and I was DONE!

This morning, 10 minutes while lifting weights. Bagel, OJ, Coffee. Mid-morning nut bar for a boost. Grilled chicken sammich for lunch - Trying to ignore the fries - water.
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200 lbs. 
01:55pm 03/03/2008
mood: Distracted
As of last night I'm still at 200 lbs. -- Can't seem to drop lower ; However, I'm noticing a slight difference in my body's shape... I look a bit more defined, so maybe it's muscle. I also FEEL a lot better, energy's up, hair/skin looking good, etc...

Last night I did 15 min. on the stepper. I then did 25 sit-ups. This morning I did 10 minutes on the stepper. I plan on doing at least 15 minutes on the stepper tonight and breaking out the yoga ball so I can work a bit more on arm toning (ball pushups) and crunches.   

CW = 200
GW1 = 190
GW2= 160
LTG= 125

Like to get lower than that, but even at my skinniest, I was never really less than 125. My frame isn't built for that sadly. 
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What's Your Secret?... 
09:25am 07/10/2005
      I have made this community for people who have dirty little secrets that they don't want so secretive. Please feel free to share your experiences and fantasies alike. You never know who may already know your secret....  
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