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200 lbs. -- Still

Had a HUGE dinner last night and in all actuality, I should have eaten less ; However, I ate relatively healthy.  I also did not snack afterwards or have dessert, not even the 40 cal. fudge pops that are SO yummy. 

20 minutes on the stair stepper after you, my BRAZILLIANT s/o, thought to put it in front of the TV which was playing SVU. Byt the time I looked down i realized I was at 15 minutes and hadn't noticed much. Went to 20 before I called it quits. I also lifted weights the entire time. 30 crunches and I was DONE!

This morning, 10 minutes while lifting weights. Bagel, OJ, Coffee. Mid-morning nut bar for a boost. Grilled chicken sammich for lunch - Trying to ignore the fries - water.
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