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200 lbs.

As of last night I'm still at 200 lbs. -- Can't seem to drop lower ; However, I'm noticing a slight difference in my body's shape... I look a bit more defined, so maybe it's muscle. I also FEEL a lot better, energy's up, hair/skin looking good, etc...

Last night I did 15 min. on the stepper. I then did 25 sit-ups. This morning I did 10 minutes on the stepper. I plan on doing at least 15 minutes on the stepper tonight and breaking out the yoga ball so I can work a bit more on arm toning (ball pushups) and crunches.   

CW = 200
GW1 = 190
GW2= 160
LTG= 125

Like to get lower than that, but even at my skinniest, I was never really less than 125. My frame isn't built for that sadly. 
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